#YourSingapore Trip Day 1: Holiday Inn Express, Orchard Road

This is my second trip to Singapore after my first 4 years ago. Wow.

The flight to Singapore was short and sweet, and the moment I landed, I went straight to Holiday Inn Express located right in the middle of Orchard Road!

Got my smart card and off I go to my room at the 13th floor!

It has a total of 220 rooms with only 2 types of room, a room with a queen bed or 2 single beds.

Mine is a queen bed room where I could roll around the bed as I please hehehe!

Can you spot my disabled finger?

Holiday Inn Express are mainly catered for short stays, and also to business people. The building used to be Wellington Building and was then refurbished to what it is today.

So what do I like about Holiday Inn Express?

Complimentary eco cup for business people to grab coffee to go!

The hotel also have a surprisingly clever bathroom door! I was really fascinated by the design!

It acts as a shower door when you are showering, so that 1 person can actually brush their teeth and what not when 1 is showering. SO CLEVER RIGHT!!

Often, when I am traveling, I opt not to clean my room if it’s a short stay because I don’t need the bedsheet nor towel change everyday. Plus, I can reduce the environmental impact!

I guess I am a smart traveller huh? Ahaha.


In most hotels, we are not allowed to take away breakfast items, but in Holiday Inn Express, we can! Probably because it is catered more to business people where they are always busy and on the go. Pretty clever eh?

And the very same day, I went to Universal Studios Singapore YAY! Do stay tune for more Singapore goodness!


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