#TwestivalKL 2013

I had an opportunity to work with a fantastic bunch of people to organize #TwestivalKL2013 that was recently held two Saturdays ago at The Bee, Publika. I was the team designer and handled anything that needed design haha.

The team arrived early to prepare for the event that will began at 2.00pm.

The tickets!

The toughest part was actually packing 250 goodie bags for the people.

Thanks to Text100 employees who came and helped, it was finally done. Phew.

Booklets were printed by Cziplee…

… and they gave the team a personalized TwestivalKL moleskin with our Twitter handle as well! :’)

Jian and I was in charged of drawing for charity and I am so happy that people are actually willing to donate more than the minimum amount. πŸ˜€ Love you guys!

There were plenty of mingling, performances, auctions, and everyone enjoyed themselves (I hope :P).

The best part is, #TwestivalKL raised more than RM30k for our beneficiary, Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Hulu Langat! Thank you all for coming and supporting! This is what social media can really do yeah? πŸ˜€

P/S: Do view my full TwestivalKL portfolio here!

P/S/S: Some pictures are taken from here. πŸ˜›


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