Blazing Around Klang Valley Like A 4G Warrior

Last Sunday, instead of sleeping in, I woke up super early and became a warrior!

Arrived at Laundry Bar around 8.30am, feeling all pumped and met all the other fellow contestants. The mission of the day is Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze where we will be going around Klang Valley to finish various challenges, and the 2 fastest teams will win prizes!

There were so many of us, but I was only looking to spot my teammates. When we all met up as Team Shark, I knew that we would win. (LOL I GOT TOO MUCH CONFIDENCE)
Meet my teammates!
Collected our Maxis 4G LTE phone and team board, then we went for a quick briefing.

Ms Fernie, from Maxis gave us a few words before flagging us off.
Basically the gist of this Bloggers Blaze is to finish all 5 challenges in the quickest time.
The first challenge was just being the fastest to scan the correct QRR code in order to know our next destination.
Daphne ran out like a mad woman after she got a ‘YES’. We were the first!
Our first destination was Sunway Lagoon for 2 challenges! Ran into our car and Vernon drove. Heavily depended on Waze to get to the destination with the fastest route!
The winning spirit was very strong in the car as we drove towards our destination.
The second challenge was to download a game called Drag Racing and get the fastest time to finish a race. Was quite impressed that the game (25mb) finished downloading in less than 30 seconds. Vroom vroom!
We then ran to Extreme Park for Go Kart!

Drove 3 rounds and we ran back again to get our next QR code.

Our next destination was Mad Monkeyz all the way in Wangsa Maju omgbbq.

On the way there, Daphne was less enthusiastic as usual due to the running.

It was time for rock climbing at Mad Monkeyz, and it was really FUN!

There was this part where we had to swing over to get to the other side. I had no confidence at all because my legs were super short, so I did a full split fml. Apparently Team Shark got the fastest time and our spirit went up again heh heh!

The 2 minutes of eating watermelons without using my hands felt like 2 hours. I had watermelon in my nose and I did not want to see any watermelons after that.

Although Team Shark did not win anything, we had so much fun that day! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ The whole experience was exciting and I want to do something like this again! It was also a really fun way to make us experience the LTE connection.
Although the only time to really experience the speed was when we were downloading the game, but one thing is we still manage to connect when we were in the lift. Not bad ey?

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