[New Layout] Ramming On My Vespa

I’ve decided to organize my blog so here is something totallllllly new!

The blog is now separated to the main page at https://cheechingy.com.

At the top, are my social media links (follow me!) and search bar, and as you look a little below, behold, a spanking new header I call ‘Ramming On My Vespa’! Geddit geddit?

Hidden game: Check out my header and spot the animals! How many animals can you find?

Menu bar is right below the header, where I want you to see things that I deem important. Blog posts are more organized now! Now you can view the recent 6 posts without scrolling, complete with preview when you hover the post.

After selecting, you will be led to the full post, and the sidebar appears with items like my Instagram feed, blog archives, categories and so on!

Scroll to the footer, and see media coverage and brands that I have worked with, basically a rundown about the blog and myself.

But I still have some setbacks.

I temporarily removed Imotiv comments because the numbers would not show on my main page, so it’s back to Blogger’s commenting system. But the super sad part is I lost all your comments on my previous posts. 🙁 Hopefully Imotiv have a solution for me.

But leave your comments yeah? Let me know if you like it or if you encounter any problems! I personal like it a lot and I could not wait to show you guys haha.


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