Macau Day 3: Umbrella Model, Venetian Grand Canal Shoppe and Dinner with Fireworks!

On day 3, we started the trip by going to Travessa do Tunel!

I wondered why there’s a cable car station in the middle of the city once we reached Travessa do Tunel.

Only MOP3 (RM1.20) for a return ticket on a cable car to get to Guia Hill. Guia Hill is Macau’s highest and largest hill.

When we got on top of the hill, there were many people exercising with the colorful facilities. So much fun! I think citizens do walk up the hill as part of their exercise routine as well.

Imitating the signboard haha.

As you walk higher, you are able to view more and more of Macau.


The main purpose of the hike up Guia Hill was actually to visit the Guia Fortress but we got a little distracted.

Here’s me, as an umbrella model.

Guia Fortress plays a big part in Macau, as we can read about the history of Macau and how it was defended. Once you’re here you will get a great view of the city. Very awesome place for photography!

Why are all hotels in Macau decorated so beautifully?!

Lunch was at Canton in Venetian Hotel, and Hong Kong Tatler awarded it as one of the best restaurants in 2013. I had high expectations. 😀

It was a dimsum lunch yay!

Four of the most memorable dimsum dishes from Canton, Venetian is:

Top left:
Shanghai dumplings – Xiao Long Bao
So yummy when the dumpling skin break and the soup just come pouring out into your mouth. Thank god I didn’t burn myself.

Top right:
Shrimp Dumplings with Black Truffle XO Sauce
The skin was soft and the prawns were really fresh.

Bottom left:
Crispy Prawn Spring Rolls wrapped in Rice Flour Rolls aka awesome Chee Cheong Fun
Ok this the best ever, and it tasted even better with the CCF sauce! The combination of crispiness and soft rice flour roll was perfect!

Bottom right:
Mango Juice with Pomelo served with Sago
I like anything with sago so this had my approval. The mango is not from puree bottles, but instead it was cold, fresh mangoes with tiny bits of pomelo for the additional kick to the mouth.

We were given free time till dinner and so a few of us roamed around the luxurious indoor shopping centre in Venetian called the Grand Canal Shoppes. There are a total of 330 of branded shops and boutiques, and live performances are everywhere to complete the Venetian experience.

Visitors can also take a gondola ride and be serenaded by cute performers hehehe.

Or it was nice enough to just roam around the place.

No wonder people say that if you are in Macau, you must visit the Venetian Grand Canal!

Had another BBQ buffet dinner (HKD380 / RM155+) at Macau Tower in conjunction with the annual Macau International Fireworks Display Competition.

I never had so much meat before at one meal. Meat lovers will definitely love the assorted selections. Thank god the desserts were awesome so I was happy again heh!

Canada and Italy was suppose to perform that night, but only Canada made it because due to weather conditions Italy didn’t managed to make it.

Watch in HD yeah? 😀

It felt really good watching fireworks up close! 😀 The fireworks competition is held every year from September till October, so if you would love to visit Macau, I will suggest going at this period so you don’t miss these too!

And the next morning, I jumped off Macau Tower.

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