Macau Day 2: Shrekfast, Breakfast with Dreamworks Characters at Sheraton Macau!

I woke up extra early the next day because I was really looking forward for the Dreamworks themed breakfast called the Shrekfast at Sheraton!

I was wondering if Toothless from How I Met Your Dragon will appear or not!

Faster faster!

Sheraton Macau converted a convention room into a Dreamworks themed breakfast area! Everything was so well decorated complete with castle banners and posters! πŸ˜€ I was instantly in love.


The moment everyone got in, nobody was at the breakfast table at all.

Everyone became ninja and went off to snap pictures.

Meticulous details were put into the whole breakfast experience.

Would you like some King Julien’s favourite? Every breakfast item are named after the characters of Dreamworks Animation. For eg: Alex’s Fruit Platter. πŸ˜›

Look at this adorkable Po buns! I ate two muahaha!

And what about some Gingy for you to munch on.

Ohmy he must be petrified.

What about some dragon eggs as omelettes? πŸ˜›

I finally took my food, and sat down.

And only around 10 minutes, the characters came out!

Quickly took a picture with Shrek and his wife.

And then went back to eat my breakfast…

… and suddenly the emcees announced that Po from Kungfu Panda is next! Rushed off again and this time we had to go up to the stage to get a picture, and I did just that lolol.

I took second round because apparently their waffles are life changing, and boy it was!

But before I can finish my breakfast, the Madagascar gang came out!

I quickly went and took pictures with Alex. There were no Merman though probably cause he’s a tall giraffe? Haha.

And not long after, the wonderful citizens from The Land of Berk appeared!

Toothless is here!

And I was the first to have a picture with them wahahaha!

But after everything ended, I was actually still hungry haha.

But Dreamworks Shrekfast is really like having breakfast in a castle. It is indeed the happiest breakfast ever! Truly memorable experience! Thanks Sheraton. πŸ˜€

// AirAsia flies to Macau 3 times daily from Kuala Lumpur! πŸ™‚

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