Macau Day 2: Aurora MGM, Senado Square and Portugese Dinner at Litoral Restaurant

After the happy breakfast, we went to Youyi Street for some museum visits! The museums are located at Rua Lois Gonzaga Gomes at the Tourism Activities Center.

The museum displays many Portugese wines in accordance to its respective origins. There is a wine tasting station set up for visitors as well! I was quite intrigued with the Portugese costume designs. The dresses were so cute!

And right next to the museum is the Grand Prix museum which opened at 1993 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix. I really had fun looking at how the grand prix cars had evolved throughout the years.

Jaywalked across the street for a quick photo opportunity with the iconic Golden Lotus Flower!

This really pretty sculpture that were presented by People’s Republic of China which symbolize the everlasting prosperity of Macau.

We made or way to MGM Macau for Aurora MGM! Every hotel in Macau are so well designed that I was really anticipating what can I feast my eyes on. What’s Aurora MGM you wonder?

This!! It’s an 8-meter tall cylinder aquarium with around 1000 fishes and it needs 160,000 litres of water to fill up the entire tank! The whole aquarium and accommodating design felt like Little Mermaid’s kingdom right?

And if you go a little closer, there are baby sharks too! 😀

Picture stolen from Wilson

30 minutes later, it was then time for the an international lunch buffet at Rossio MGM! You must be thinking that it will be expensive eating in a hotel right? But this amazing buffet was only MOP208 (RM82+)!

It has a salmon bar where the chef cuts sashimi slices for you straight, freshly cooked Italian pasta, super delicious complimentary bread and a amazing dessert bar complete with waffles and various gelato!

Yah I took almost all seafood especially the sashimi nyahaha.

Colorful desserts to end the meal! 😀

After an awesome meal, we headed to Senado Square, which is a paved area in the centre of a former Portugese colony. This place is an UNESCO Heritage site as well!

Along the streets, there are many buildings with historical value and architecture style that amazed me.

Some parts of the area have been converted into commercial zones, but nonetheless, it is still fun roaming this place.

Very busy street

As you walk further, the road gets smaller, and you’ll end up in Macau’s most iconic place, Ruins of St Paul!


So iconic although the other parts were pretty much ruined.

And the view from above is quite breathtaking, as people are sitting down by the steps, and just looking at what’s beneath them.

We spent a few hours and then, we went for dinner at a super famous Portugese restaurant called Litoral! This restaurant is located near Ahma Museum and Maritime Museum in downtown Macau.

There were hit and miss on the food, but I think these are the notable ones that are worth ordering!

Top Left:
Baked duck rice – Rice simmered in duck stock and fat, topped with shredded duck and bacon.

Top Right:
Prawn bisque in bread bowl – 
The soup was thick and creamy, and paired well with the bread bowl. One of us finished the entire thing haha!

Bottom Left:
African chicken – One of Macau’s favourite, is both spicy and and sweet, and taste a little like our rendang sauce.

Bottom Right:
Clams with wine sauce – Loved the broth and the clams were fresh and succulent!

Ended Day 2 in Macau, super full! D:

//Airasia flies to Macau 3 times daily from Kuala Lumpur, and 4 times daily from Bangkok!

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