Macau Day 1: Sheraton Hotel, Hotpot and House of Dancing Water

It was the morning of 26th of September, and Chee Ching strolls into LCCT, like a zombie.

Not sleeping the other night proved to be a mistake.

We then flew 3 hours and 49 minutes to Macau with AirAsia!

Meet Assunta (Yeah, same name as our hospital ahha) our tour guide for the next 4 days!

Upon reaching, we quickly checked into Sheraton Macau! Sheraton Macau is the biggest Sheraton in the world, encompassing 3,896 rooms and spread over two buildings called the Earth Tower and Sky Tower. We stayed at the Earth Tower and it was nearer to the breakfast area heh.

And here’s my room!

Having a king sized bed on my own was freaking awesome actually haha.

So much personalization. 😀

After refreshing ourselves, we were brought on a short tour around the hotel.

Here are some of the facilities that are provided for guests, ranging from conference rooms to fitness centres (Which look better than my gym omg).

Sheraton Macau was huge. I cannot remember where am I, or how did I even get to certain places.

But what I realized that it is one hotel that places importance on family. This Madagascar themed family suite is so darn cute! It is a 2 bedroom suite which feature a master room for the parents, and a kids bedroom complete with bunkbeds! Kids can play PS3 and Wii, while their parents are enjoying themselves as the pool or spa.

I wanna steal all these back!

Finally after touring the hotel, it was time for lunch! I was already dying of hunger. D:

Lunch was awesome steamboat  buffet at Xin Asian Hotpot & Seafood restaurant located in the hotel itself! Xin means ‘freshness’ in mandarin as they offer freshly caught seafood as well. Our lunch costs MOP228+ per head which is around RM90+.

There were plenty of selections for us to pick from, ranging from meatballs to seafood, and even cooked food!

I attacked the sliced beef and mushrooms with my clear fish broth as the base soup!<

Being foodies, Evelyn and Jason ordered this plate of life changing roasted pork and char siew combo. I am not a pork lover but I think the char siew was really nice and juicy.

Daphne also managed to get us internet access thanks to TuneTalk’s Traveller! 😀 I think it’s only RM30 for 7 days plan which is pretty worth it as we do not need to get a local sim card when we are traveling.

We then went to watch House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams! House of Dancing Water is the world’s largest water extravaganza and is directed by Franco Dragone.

The set design and props were breathtaking.

The musical arrangement were so good and it accompanied the whole production perfectly!

The choreography made me wonder how can they be so good at it.

The visual background were very state of the art.

The muscle of the performers have made me fell in love even more hahaha.

And the water effects were the best part!

But in short, House of Dancing Water is an epic love story which is a total feast for the eyes, and I’m sure you will drop your jaw during the whole performance heh! The price might be a little pricy, as it starts from HKD580 (RM240+) but I think it’s worth it if you are ever in Macao!

Left: Traditional Peking Roasted Duck | Right: Assorted cold dishes as appetizers

Dinner was at Beijing Kitchen, which is right opposite the Dancing Water Theater which serves authentic Chinese food!

They served the ma-la fish dish again which scared me to hell when I was in Chengdu two months ago haha. Thank god this is not as heavy as the one I had.

Walked back to Sheraton after dinner, and it was absolutely beautiful at night.

Obligatory photo?

We retired early that night and the next day I had the best breakfast experience ever called the Shrekfast! Updates soon!

If you are interested to go Macau, AirAsia has daily flights! 🙂

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