Innovation that Matters: What’s Your Life Changing Idea?

Like many other friends and Malaysians, most of us stay in a condominium.

What I realized is the lack of recycling in most of the condominiums.

What if we could have a special truck that goes to these condominiums and people can recycle their waste and then get rewarded?
1. Register
Residents can register their very own recycling account online to keep track how much have they recycled. An app can be downloaded from the website for location tracking, truck arrival timings and many other features.

2. Truck Arrival

Every fortnightly the trucks will go around specific areas and residents will be notified via email or through the app that they have downloaded.

3. Log in

Residents log into their account on the truck and recycle!

4. Collect and Redeem Points!

The more they recycle, they can collect points to redeem for products / vouchers with our collaborating partners! So for example, we can partner with restaurants, department stores and issue vouchers to the residents who manage to collect enough points by recycling!

I think this idea will work! Don’t you think? Am I a genius? Hahaha.
So submit your innovative ideas today too at ! You have exactly 2 more weeks to submit your ideas as it ends in 14 November! Do remember to share it with your friends and family cause you just need to type out your ideas.

And please do remember to share the ideas with me ya? πŸ˜€


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