Chengdu Day 4: Chunxi Lu, Hong Ding Szechuan Hot Pot and New Century Global Center

On the last day, we went to Chun Xi Pedestrian Street (春熙路)& for some quick shopping. Chunxi Lu is already 85 years old and it is one of the most famous shopping street for the young and old. Flagship stores such as Isetan and Ito Yokado (from Japan) occupies this place as well.

Took an instant liking to this place because it is so clean, and there’s so many different types of shops for us to look around. You can find shops such as Uniqlo, GAP, H&M, Mary Kay, YISHION and many others in this area.

Had the chance to try their local tea shop called Smile Orange as well!

Got myself their classic milk tea with herbal jelly and it was good! The mango shake was done with pure mangoes as well, no puree business.

Imagine this 1 litre iced tea only costed RMB12 (RM6) lol!

Totally worth it to come here if you are into a day of shopping and food. 🙂

For our last lunch in Chengdu, we went to a hotpot restaurant called Hong Ding Hot Pot! Steamboat yay! This restaurant is located at Bai Yun Si street where you could walk around after your meal.

Guess which one I used the most. Yeah the clear one. T_T #failedchinese

We were served with an array of food such as meatballs, sausages, vegetables etc etc.

Various meats such as marinated chicken and pork were given as well. I didn’t really touch these as I felt it will be a little hard to eat.

But I took a lot of these. T______T Not a pork person but I like how I won’t be getting raw meat with these haha.

Om nom nom nom nom.

We were also given San Jiao Feng (Triangle’s Peak) fishes to try. I had one and it was actually very nice. The meat was really fresh and sweet, albeit too many bones.

Took a short stroll around Bai Si Yun street…

… and went into a tea shop located along Tibet Street. This is the owner of the tea shop and he was very knowledgable about Chinese tea. What I really liked about China as well is that I’ve tasted so many nice tea that I wished I could find it in Malaysia.

He introduced us the rose buds to be added to the tea and I bought it hahaha.

..We also dropped by New Century Global Center, world’s biggest building which houses a shopping centre, water park, hotels, ice skating rinks and hotels! This glass dome even has it own artificial sun.

Yup it is this huge. I literally went O_____O when I went inside.

Look ma glass floor! It was utterly fun when we discovered the glass floor all the way from the highest floor.

Many people were afraid lol.

But the worse part is not realizing that some of us were wearing skirts and dresses. -____-

Walking to one end to our bus took so long. Zomg. But I can really imagine how much time we can spend only at this building itself. After running around the mall, we can play water at the park, and even go ice skate. Hah!

After dinner, it was time to say goodbye to Chengdu! It had been fun exploring what Chengdu has to offer! Thank you AirAsia X and Chengdu Tourism for this fantastic experience as well! 🙂

AirAsia X flies to Chengdu daily (Weekdays 1815 – 2240 and Weekends 0915 – 1340).

Byebye China, till we meet again!


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