Chengdu Day 3: Xi Ling Snow Mountain, Amazing Pizza Hut at Paradise Plaza

After loads of Szechuan food the day before, we went for a 2 hour drive to Xi Ling Snow Mountain. Unfortunately it was summer so there’s no snow at all. :'(

Downtown Chengdu itself is quite polluted so I was really happy when we went up to the mountains.

Oh how I wished I could ride you. Not sure if it’s a donkey or horse though.

Walked around 5 minutes to the cable car station, and boy the place is HUGE!

Super huge yo!

Took a 20 minute ride up…

…and this is what greeted us!

We were 2155m high up above whee! Xiling Snow Mountain (Xi Ling Xue Shan) is located in the western suburbs of Chengdu and it is about 120km from the city. Along the highway, you can experience beautiful scenery along the ride.

So pretty! Totally like a ski resort! I bet it would look beautiful during winter. There are many activities to do here such as zorbing, grass skiing and adrenaline activities during summer, and winter activities as the season goes by!

Mr Chu allowed us to order our own food as he knew that we weren’t that into authentic Szechuan cuisine, and having it for every meal proved to be unsuitable for our Malaysian stomachs haha.

But the restaurant recommended this.

My first thought was OMG MA LA AGAINNNN.

But it was delicious as long as you do not take the pepper. My skill to not eat ma la pepper was upgraded because I loved the fish too much hahaha.

We jetted off to another cable car to go up even higher! Woohoo! The second cable car ride was a total of 45 minutes zomg.

It started to rain but it was more fun for me. Hehe.

We even saw someone hiking up the mountain omg. Respect!

Once we reached after 45 minutes, we had to climb a series of stairs for around 8 minutes to reach to the top of the world!

Almost there!

YAY! The weather were really bad so we hiked down after awhile.

After 1 hour cable car ride, and 2 hours bus ride back to city, we arrived at Paradise Plaza which is right outside Happy Valley Themepark for dinner and another cultural performance!

Mr Chu once again let us to roam free to decide on dinner before heading to the performance. I think he knew that we were overdosed with Chinese food. Best guide ever! 😀

We finally decided on Pizza Hut, and boy was it the best decision ever!

Why? Because they have…


Beer! (Not mine but I’m impressed hehehe)

Salmon Pizza! (SALMON! SALMON!)



And nice desserts!

Pizza Hut Malaysia, please buck up!

This trip is sponsored by AirAsia X and Chengdu Tourism.

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