Why I Love Raya!

Did a short comic on why I love Hari Raya! πŸ˜€


I finally have the reason to wear Baju Kurung (Traditional Malay outfit)! Used to love wearing this at school last time hehe.

This is also the time where they will be tons of Bazaar Ramadhan where many Malaysians sell amazing traditional delicacies that everyone enjoys, no matter what race you are.

Our neighbours will also give us delicious Raya cookies and laughter can be seen everywhere.

We also throng each other homes for open houses, and I myself met all my secondary school friends in our friend’s place last year.


People from the city will also rush home back to their respective hometowns, and KL will be a quiet city for once.

Blogging about this also made me realize that we always have the spirit of unity in us. We are all Malaysians, and we know that so don’t let simple issues that were blown out of proportion divide us.




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