My #Fast4Malaysia Experience

The night before #Fast4Malaysia, I set my alarm to 5am because I was so determined to wake up early to Sahur (Meal before dawn) so that I could last the day.
But as usual, I failed haha.
My usual routine every morning was to grab a glass of water, but I knew I could not do so that morning. It was really tough and I really wanted to give up haha!
Some symptoms that I had from fasting:
I felt like food was beckoning me.

I felt that it was really hard at first because I could not drink water either. But thank god it was all good after a few hours, and a fellow Twitter friend said that it is only like that from 11am to 3pm and I agree wholeheartedly!

I became restless and kept looking at the time.

I also kept stalking the #fast4malaysia hashtag on Twitter to see how is everyone doing. I felt instantly more motivated haha. So glad everyone is together in this! πŸ˜€

Nevertheless, it was an experience. I really salute our Muslim friends who does it for 30 days as it really test your patience. People may think oh what can fasting do for unity, but I think it’s the action that matters and you get to be in someone’s shoes for once. Our country is becoming depressing because of certain parties and we really need to be strong and not let them separates us! Oh, for more stories of #fast4malaysia, check out the Tumblr page yo!
When I drank my first sip of water after breaking fast, it was total heaven!


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