“Help Us Take Picture Please”

Something weird happened during our climb at Broga Hill. One of our friends got approached to help a group of people to take a picture.

Boy were they confused when my friend turned away and pointed the camera away from them. Hahaha. We could not stop laughing.

And after he took the picture, we asked him why did he do that and apparently he was trying to find the sunlight, which I did not understand the logic behind it until today.


  • ericleeh says:

    Haha a pretty normal trick used actually (I used most of the time) when the camera was set to "P" or "Auto" mode. Because to avoid underexposure, point the camera at somewhere darker and press the shutter to half which means on standby. This way, the camera will remember the settings (focal length and aperture) of a darker area, so when you take pictures with sunlight as your background, the people won't appear to be dark. Vice versa if you need an area to look darker, points the camera at brighter spot and press half the shutter to get the settings.

  • Sherrie says:

    LOL. But camera sometimes will become dark if direct sunlight so turn away will make the camera confuse and be bright I suppose?

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