#BigBlogX Adventure Day 9: Going Around Downtown Toronto in 6 Hours

My morning view from Hosteling International Toronto!

When you have only 6 hours in huge Toronto, you move fast! Agile and quick is the key!

Hong, a HI-Toronto volunteer picked me up the next day from HI Toronto and off we went to explore what Toronto has to offer! Both of us were kinda depressed due to the lack of time.

First stop: CN Tower

CN Tower is the world’s tallest building and free standing structure. When I was returning from Niagara I already spotted the tower. It stands at 533.33 metres high. It has a total of 147 floors and is officially opened in 1976.

Before entering the tower, you have go through The Sentinal for a full body scan!

We then took the hi speed elevator all the way up to the Lookout, which is 346m tall! The best part is it only took us less than a minute. 😀

From the lookout you can jump and run on a glass panel to look all the way down.

Or view Toronto downtown. Indeed, Toronto is the largest city in Canada. This is only a small part of downtown. Fuh!

We then took another elevator up to SkyPod where we soared another 33 storeys high for additional CND12.

Skypod allows you to have a 360 panoramic view of Toronto!

And that’s Lake Ontario on the left!

From here you can also see brave souls challenging the Edge Walk which is dubbed as Toronto’s most extreme attraction! I almost wanted to do it but it costs CND175 so it was quite expensive. :'( We didn’t have enough time to wait for the 3D Cinema experience and all, but viewing Toronto from such an iconic spot was amazing enough.

Second Stop: Little Italy

We then took a train and rushed to Markham Street for a Little Italy festival that was ongoing!<

Weather was pretty warm that day, but many attractive Toronto-ians were out enjoying the mini festival.

<img src=”https://cheechingy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/lemonade.jpg” border=”0″ />

Had to get a lemonade for myself.

My breakfast!

As quoted from the shop I bought this from: Hot Cones. This is not Pizza, this is the evolution of Pizza. Lol.

Everyone love bacons don’t they? Especially chocolate dipped ones?

There were a bunch of people lining up to cheer for someone and being Asian, I was being curious. Not sure who they are though.

Third Stop: Shopping at Queens Street!

Queens Street is all about shops, boutiques, bars, restaurants and cafes! And when we’re in Canada, we buy Herschels! Hurried to Queens Street to get my hipster stuff ahohoho.

Got myself a MBP laptop sleeve and iPad sleeve. :3 :3 I was a happy child that day.

That weekend itself was when Taylor Swift and PSY were in Toronto for concerts and music awards. Unfortunately we were in the bus when we saw him addressing the crowd haha.

Fourth Stop: St Lawrence Market

We then ran to St Lawrence Market right after shopping was done haha! St Lawrence Market is one of the biggest market in Toronto, and you can find so many types of food here!

This place hosts a huge farmers market, restaurants, and bakeries! You can buy salmon, fresh meat, berries and many many more! No wonder is it voted the best farmer’s market in National Geographic. 😀

We had a super quick lunch of bluefish and chips at Buster’s Sea Cove located inside the market.

Fifth Stop: G for Gelato & Espresso Bar

Stopped by G for Gelato for desserts! It is one of the most famous gelato place at Jarvis Street with various flavors like Guava Passionfruit,  Pineapple Mint, Kit Kat and many other flavours!

Hong took Passionfruit while I took Salty Caramel! :3

I went back to the hostel and exchanged goodbye with Hong who was really, really great at becoming my super guide!

Sixth Stop: Union Station

While waiting for my bus to the airport, I met with a lady who told me to visit Union Station! And off I went.

Union Station is the largest railway station in Canada and its history can be traced back to the 80s. This is why the design is still pretty medieval. It’s pretty breathtaking actually to be in the station. Tourists usually take trains from here to other places like Montreal.

Toronto has a mixture of art,  modern and traditional architecture, various street food, and lively people. The weather that day was perfect as well.

Goodbye Toronto.

It had been superbly fun and I felt like I was in Amazing Race after going around! :’)

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