#BigBlogX Adventure Day 5: So Much Nature I Am Crying

I arrived in Calgary, Alberta and Anthony, the group sales manager from Hostelling Canada picked me up so we can go to Lake Louise and Banff, an area filled with nature and wildlife! The plan was for me to stay at Lake Louise for a day, then to Banff the next day.

It was an hour and a half ride by car from the airport to Banff, and another 45 minutes from Banff to Lake Louise, and boy the road was never ending! I dozed off in the middle as I felt a little bad for Antony haha.

But as the sky cleared…

We drove deeper into the National Forest, and this is what greeted me. Such beautiful sights I could not take my eyes off.

Even managed to stumble upon an elk on the way up! Unfortunately I had no luck in encountering the grizzly bears throughout the stay at the national park. Better luck next time I guess! 😀

Tadah! This is HI Hostel Lake Louise Alpine Centre! It is located in the centre of Banff National Park (Which is a UNESCO Heritage Centre by the way) and is a jointly owned by Hostelling International and the Alpine Club of Canada, hence the name. It is such a cozy and beautiful place right? 😀 Each room is labelled with mountain names and mine is Pinnacle Mountain! I met up with Anthony again after checking in.

And off canoeing we went!

This is Anthony’s van and his prized canoe!

We drove around 10 minutes uphill and finally arrive at Lake Moraine!

There were still snow! T_____T

Obligatory picture with the information board haha.

Before canoeing, Anthony took me for a short hike to see the lake.

And there were still snow left! But it wasn’t fluffy like I expected, but it felt more like shaved ice. T____T But it’s understandable because it’s not even winter already.



Moraine Lake’s colour is the result of the glacier’s minerals! However it was not as turquoise as Lake Louise, but seeing it for the first time took my breath away.

We then plonked the canoe onto the lake, and off we go!


Here’s a short clip of the canoe ride.

And finally we canoed till the end! Look at all the tiny rapids. 😀

After the canoe ride, Anthony dropped me off and I had some free time for myself. HI Hostel Lake Louise gave me meal vouchers so I had dinner at the hostel’s restaurant called Bill Peytos!

Look at the portion omg! It was a little salty, and I could not finish the fries and side dishes. :'(

I have no idea why, I was so full but I still have room for dessert. I think we really have two stomachs. T______T

It was the best apple pie I’ve ever eaten. T________T


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