#BigBlogX Adventure Day 3: Walking Around Victoria

So continuing from the whale watching session, I went and bid farewell to the managers from the Hostelling International Victoria and went off to explore on my own from their recommendations.

Apparently, there is this place near the harbour that serves awesome fish tacos. And off I go because I never had fish tacos before.

This little truck by the harbour is called Red Fish, Blue Fish and there were so many people lining up! I am not sure if it’s lunch time or not, but the line were still long after I left.

And when you are almost at the truck, you will be presented with a menu board haha.

I finally reached the end of the line after 30 minutes, ordered, and waited for around 5 more minutes to collect our orders.

Got myself a space at the tall chairs by the harbour…

And tadah! My Grilled Seared Albacore Tuna fish tacones with fries!I then walked around the city and was amazed how everything feels like a celebration.

Street performers were everywhere.

Coloured boats and stalls decorates the streets.

Really nicely crafted signs.

Horse rides at every nook and corner of the city.

And this is the majestic British Columbia Parliament Building that is really, really beautiful!

Of course, Victoria also have Darth Vader playing a violin to complete the experience! πŸ˜€ The whole place are so lively and fun to walk around!

After a few hours of exploring, it was time to get back to Vancouver again. I fell asleep straight away in the plane due to the jet lag again.

Here’s a really quirky thing that I found along the streets of Vancouver heheehe.

Okay byebye! Will be updating the blog in the next 2 days on my last day in Vancouver! πŸ˜€


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