#BigBlogX Adventure Day 3: I Saw Killer Whales in Victoria!

Hostelling in Canada! Hostelling Canada was very generous and they arranged a Whale Watching Tour for me in Victoria, which is around an hour from Victoria.

Got up super early to catch my flight via a seaplane to Victoria B.C.!

Look ma! I’m on a seaplane! πŸ˜€ I was really excited as I’ve never sat on a seaplane before.

It was kinda small, but hey let’s fly!

The view was spectacular as I transitioned from islands, to buildings, and to islands again.

And after 1.5 hours, we’ve reached Victoria B.C.! Victoria is about 100km from mainland Vancouver and is named after Queen Victoria of United Kingdom.

It still retains the historic architecture throughout this town.

Yup, people who stays in Victoria are never leaving as well.

I then stopped by Victoria International Hostel while waiting for the whale watching to began! πŸ˜€ I think one of the most notable things about the hostels from HI is that they practice recycling and sustainability, which I support so much.

Imagine the excitement when I saw the board from BC Whale Tours that says ‘Killer Whales Spotted’! It must be my lucky day! I finally get to see Free Willy out in the wild!

Behold the BC Tika which will is a open style Zodiac vessel that is the fastest in the West Coast! It only seats up to 12 person, 2 person per bench.

The warm suit were really huge and I look like some oversized dwarf.

This is our captain for the day, Captain Jim! He has various experience in the marine life, in has even gone on expeditions in the Arctic! Amazing right? He could spot the killer whales from far through the water movement.

I was like a blur child who kept repeating, ‘Where?’

Captain Jim then brought us to a place where the killer whales were spotted and suddenly, a black fin appeared!!

This was happening to me.

IT’S FREE WILLY!!! /hyperventilates

We then sort of chased after the whales to get a closer look.

The best part of this trip is when a baby killer whale came swimming towards us, and then he swam back to his mother at the quickest speed ever. I didn’t manage to capture any of those. T________T

On the way back we also spotted some seals sunbathing on a Sunday morning haha.

I ended up with severe sunburnt with peeling skin but it was all worth it!

Gonna continue the other half of Victoria and Vancouver in the next post okay! I’m getting excited all over again drafting this post. Really wanna travel more!


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