You’ve Now Reached the Top of the World

With this title, I feel like I am about to write another book in Douglas Adams’ series, The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. Well I am not. I am going to tell you about Singapore!

I’m also not going to tell you so much about Singapore; I’m going to show you! I’m feeling kind of adventurous so here is my hand at photo blogging.

I do have some quick stories to tell you about. First off, you are probably wondering why I was in Singapore as I won the Malaysia trip. As it turns out, Malaysia and Singapore a separated by a bridge (for my North American readers, it is not unlike the bridge between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan). The HI National Associations of Singapore and Malaysia were kind enough to work together to plan a trip for Sophie (the winner from the UK visiting Singapore) and I were we got to meet in Singapore then head off the Malacca in Malaysia for a couple days.

So on Wednesday morning, I packed up my things, got into a taxi and headed for a bus station in Kuala Lumpur. HI-Singapore hooked me up with a room at their Costa Sands Resort in Downtown East. It was my first time saying in a hostel style hostel although there was no one else in my room. It was a really great place to stay though! The lounges were awesome and had computers you could use.

Check it out for sure next time you’re in Singapore!

Josephine, from HI-Singapore, picked me up from the bus station and showed me the sites of the city! She also taught me a lot about backpacking and traveling abroad. You see, I have a nervous mother and although I usually try to be rock when she gets nervous about something in my life, I was actually pretty nervous for this trip. You may have noticed the huge backpack in some of my photos; this bag is filled with a lot of stuff I don’t really need for two days in Singapore.

Josephine also gave me the rundown of how hostels work in Asia and why it has been slow for them to gain popularity which you can read about in my post, Hotel VS Hostel.

I chatted with my friend, Steve, about going to Singapore. Steve used to work on cruise ships and made in over to South East Asia a couple of time. He told me about a bar he found while in Singapore that lays claim to the creation of a Singapore Sling. This beverage was created in the Long Bar and the Raffles Hotel by a bar tender named Ngiam Tong Boon in the year 1915. Not much has changed there since, including the peanut shells on the floor, except for the fact that I needed to find that place. It was actually really easy because Josephine show me. You can see Sophie and I having a taste in one of the photos.

After we left the long bar, Sophie and I hung out for a bit, had a beer and a really good chat. I was exhausted by the time I head off to bed. So much so that I slept through my alarm and got a call from the Hostel’s management tell me that Josephine just called wondering where I was. I was supposed to meet up with here and Sophie at the bus stop ten minutes before. Anyway, I gained a couple experiences and lessons from the event; it is really great to make friends while traveling by yourself, everyone mistakes while traveling which may result in running for a bus, strangers can be some of the most helpful people in the world, and buy a damn travel clock! It was a really good thing I had Josephine watching my back or I don’t know what I would have done.

Anyhow, another late night, another early morning tomorrow!

PS – I realize I’m not the best photographer. I’ll need to work on that for next time!

I want to thank the sponsors of the Big Blog
, Hostel International, along with my host National Association, & HI-Malaysia, the host of my couple days in Singapore HI-Singapore and my own country’s HI National Association,HI-Canada.

And of course, HI-Singapore and the great staff at Downtown East. Great time! (Josephine, I’m sorry for putting us late.)

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