Elephants, Monkeys and Fireflies

I started my Malaysian adventure with Noh early on Saturday morning. He picked me
up and we went to get Mimi, my second guide for the trip.

We started by going to a traditional Malaysian Market. Noh and Mimi took me around and got me to try some local fruits, Magosteen and Rambuton. They told me this market is only open on Saturdays. For all my friends reading in Fredericton, NB, I’m sure you are familiar with Saturday markets. In Canada we call them Farmers’ Markets.

We had lunch at the Banana Leaf, an Indian restaurant. I was feeling the jet lag and wasn’t really up to eating; however, it was so good I forced myself to eat.

Noh told me we were taking a two hour car ride so I hopped in the back of the car and napped most of the way there. Napping in the car has been a real theme for my trip so far. I would like to point out when it is noon in Malaysia; it is 1:00 a.m. back home. I am still trying to adjust to the time change.

When I awoke we were almost to an Elephant Sanctuary. For some people this might not be that exciting of an event; for me, it was incredible! I had never seen an elephant before. We got to feed the baby elephants and watch the older ones take a bath and then they did a show for us and we got to feed them after then we fed the babies again! So Cool!

On the way back to KL, Noh and Mini took me to Orang Asli (Malaysian Indigenous Museum), we did a driving tour of the Islamic University where Noh did his first degree then headed off to the Batu Caves. If you live in Malaysia and have not been up the Batu Caves, then you are missing out! You need to go! If you live outside of Malaysia, you have to make the trip as well!

We stopped to get my computer the power adapter it needed before going back to the hotel. Mimi also tried to teach me some Malay words. Hello: Hari Yang Baik and Thank you: Terima Kasih Noh also told me a little about the local language and how most people spoke a mixture of Malay and English: Manglish.

That night we went to ICity, a theme park full of LED lights to take pictures. I had a nap in the car on the way there, of course. We stopped at a restaurant called Papa Rich for a late supper around 2:00 a.m. I know this may sound late to most people but it is only early afternoon back home. I was feeling a little better so I was able to enjoy it a little more.

I was able to connect with some friends and family back home when I got back to my room which helped with the homesickness. I did (and do) still miss Nellie though.

The following day (Sunday) I was picked up later than usual so I could sleep in a little. Noh, Mimi and I took a tour of the form Royal Palace and then saw the outside of the new Royal Palace. Then we had lunch with the birds at the Hornbill which just happens to be at the bird sanctuary.

We went out to an old fort to watch the sunset; however, we got too busy watching the monkeys. I just have to say that I have seen monkeys before, but never that many in one place. It was incredible to see that many together. Since we didn’t watch the sun go down, we went to the Firefly place early. The Firefly place is this place where there is one of the largest congregations of Fireflies in the world! We took a boat out and I tried to get some photos but they all came out black. They looked like little green flashing Christmas lights.

We finished off the night with a drink and some snacks at the Sky Bar. I must say, I have been in a lot of bars, maybe more than I’d like to admit, but by far the Sky Bar is the most breathtaking bar I have ever been in. The bar has a pool and has a remarkable view of the KLCC (the twin towers).

Been a busy time here in Malaysia! I’ll get back to you really soon!I want to thank Hostel International as well as it’s national association, HI-Malaysia. Check out there website here.

And of course, my guide/driver/good friend and one of the nicest/caring guys in the world, Noh; the man who is fit to be King!


  • msbulat says:

    I am a Malaysian and I did not know we have an Elephant Sanc! O_O haha! oops* have fun!! sounds like super packed schedule! Have you tried durian yet? :D:D

  • cutebun says:

    Sounds like a packed schedule and those places you visited I would hope to visit them someday although I'm Malaysian yet I'm stuck on an island. huhu, East Malaysian here ><

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