#BigBlogX Adventure Day 1: Sightseeing around Vancouver Downtown

My #BigBlogX adventure started on 7th June 2013! The funniest part is my flight was at 1.50am on the 7th, and when I arrived in Vancouver, it was 11.30am on the 7th. It felt, weird haha.

So after travelling for 15 hours plus a 4 hour transit time, I finally arrived in Vancouver! The airport is well, beautiful! I’m glad my Malaysia passport helped a lot because when I got to the immigration, the officer just led me to the English speaking queue and I got through in a breeze. πŸ˜€

Ceri and Grant from Hostelling International Canada were already waiting for me by the time I got here.

I knew I was in good hands when I met their smiling faces. Albeit the tired journey, I was really looking forward to start the #BigBlogX Adventure! πŸ˜€

We took this really efficient train from the airport to Downtown Vancouver where my hostel will be located.

And the moment I stepped out from the train station, I knew that I would love this city.

We stopped for a quick coffee at Cho Pain Cafe so that Ceri and Grant could brief me on my trip here in Canada before checking into HI Vancouver Downtown. The coffee and pastries (Especially the Pistachio Croissants were excellent!)

We then walked a short distance to the hostel. Say hello!

Ceri and Grant then left me to get some rest. But I went out exploring instead although the weather was kinda gloomy.

I walked around with a map alone, and after walking for almost 30 minutes, I successfully took a train to the Metropolis, which is British Colombia largest mall at Metrotown.

Had dinner at Arby’s which is a sandwich shop. The roast beef sandwich was a little salty for me, but 2 burgers and fries for only CND6, so worth it!

After getting my Herschels bag, I took the train and walked back again. Walking around Vancouver is so fun cause the weather is not hot, I don’t sweat, and it is so easy to navigate around because of the city’s layout. It has intersection almost every block and getting around is easy peasy!

Bike paths are everywhere, and people in Vancouver is so healthy!

I found my way to English Bay for sunset thanks to Grant’s recommendation. English Bay is located West of downtown, and it is around 10 minutes walk from my hostel in Downtown. It was such a beautiful place as you get a beach right next to the city!

English Bay is also the most popular place to sunbath, sunset watching, and of course, jogging and cycling. There were even people walking and chatting just to spend the evening. :3

I walked along the path and was just spending time taking photographs. The sun was glaring, but it did not felt warm at all.

Got myself a little spot under the tree and I just waited…

… and waited…

I had hope when I saw the sky, so I waited a little while more. It was already 8.00pm.

And then I realized that the sun doesn’t set till 9.30pm. O____O

I was already sleepy because of the jet lag and I gave up. Walked back (Got lost) to the hostel and slept straight away!


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