From Head to Toe, Hot Issue!

As you all know, I am all things Korea. But music is the thing that brought me to know more about Korea. 😀 One of my favourite girl band is 4 Minute!

Hot Issue is one of my favourite song from 4 Minute (Probably cause I know how to sing it hehe).

After watching them perform in GDA early this year, I always wanted to watch them perform again!

I, My, Me, Mine, I My Me Mine!

And so this weekend, they will be in Genting for two days to perform in the KPOP Dream concert!! Together with their labelmate G.NA, and other artists include SISTAR, BTOB and Brown Eyed Girls!

I would love to stalk meet them personally at RW Genting KPOP Dream concert because I want to dance Hot Issue with them!

After a crazy dance session, we will then head to  New Stinger Ride in the outdoor park to sing our hearts out while experiencing the crazy adrenaline!

It’s gonna be fun fun day!

I hope Mr Stinger forgives me for my singing…

…because it will never stop!!


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