My Education History

A lot of you guys have been PM-ing me on what did I study back then.

Let me bring you back when I was only 18 years old. (I’m so old already? D:)

Papa Chong didn’t allow me to study design, plus it was super expensive.

After arguing with him, I went and took a scholarship from IACT College which offers Advertising and Marketing Communications which I thought was the next best thing haha.

And during my first semester, I got exposed to Adobe Illustrator, and that really ignited my interest in design. Although the course proceeded to focus in advertising and marketing communications, I kept practicing and learning about illustration and design, which really helped in assignments.

I volunteered to do most of the design works besides contributing on research and report in group assignments. I learned to accept criticism, and although it was hard, I knew it was important.

As I progress throughout my college life, I began to incorporate both marketing communications and design together. With those professional knowledge and practical skills, I am capable to execute campaign concepts from a holistic view. Imagine, you are taught to brainstorm creative ideas and to brand something uniquely, how fun is that! Even better, you are also equipped with the right art direction to make sure that the project has an X Factor in it. 😀

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my college life a lot, and flew to Australia for my degree. Back then, there weren’t any degree program offered by IACT College, but ta-dah! My ex classmate told me that degree programs are being offered already! 😀

To anyone who is interested in whatever I am doing, which is to have both strategic thinking and design skills, 3+0 B.A. Hons in Advertising and Design  is the course that you should take. Many opportunities opened up for me, in both career options and design jobs. In fact this comic blog resulted from my first meet up with Adobe Illustrator as well hehehe.

And in conjunction with the launch, first 20 students who sign up for the May intake will get 50% discount, and that’s like half scholarship fuh! Please contact for more information okay?

One of the greatest advantages I am proud to learn from my studies is that I am able to produce a mix of design features which supports the conceptual idea thus giving my clients a big smile. 😀

P/S/S: If you sign up under ‘’, you can get RM250 off when you register for any courses in IACT College hehehe! This offer is especially valid just for my readers. See you IACT if I ever drop by okay!


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    me leh=(

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    hmm,hi,im new here and i found your blog very interesting and i like it very much,had no idea how did i come to here about a month ago but most probably due to my searching for degree.i have a question,how is it like to study in iact?and what made you go there in the first place?not sure if it's your blog that leads me to iact or is it iact that leads me to your blog,i forgot,but either way,could you give me some reviews to this college?im planning to do mass com there but am not yet so sure about it local by the way,kindly do reply if possible.much appreciations.:)

    • cheechingy says:


      I think when you go to IACT, everyone is close knitted, which means the admin and lecturers will know you due to IACT not being a very big college. 😀 I went there probably because of the scholarship offered.

      I'm not too sure about Mass Communications, but when you choose Mass Comm, you can then choose what you wanna focused in on the 3rd or 4th semester. Like if you like video producing, you can go to broadcasting.

      I can't say much about the lecturers there cause most of my lecturers left. :'( So sorry.

    • Anonymous says:

      for what i know the college is in a mall right?when i do my actually is the college?can you give me more detail about it?and also your experiences too.:) how about the design course you did there?

      my options are between mass com and design so far.not too sure about what i can do if i go for design,but not yet confirm if i want to do mass com either.and one of the issue here is also because im not yet sure where i should go for my degree.So,uhm,i need more detail.could you give me more review to it please?:) like,how is the classroom,the facilities,the surroundings,inside and outside.sorry for the long post and sorry to take your time.

    • cheechingy says:

      It's in Jaya One. 🙂 Plenty of amenities nearby.

      It's not a typical college where everything is in a big building. You have classes on one side of Jaya One, and probably library on the other side.

      I didn't do design hehe, if you'd read the post I did Advertising and Marketing Communications. >_< If you like design, but you like to learn other things as well, do consider Advertising Design hehe. Facilities are abundant, but I guess when it comes to studies, most importantly is yourself and how you make use of the stuff there. 😀

      There are broadcasting recording rooms, green screen, studios, mac labs etc. Food can be quite expensive if you eat in Jaya One though, but there's cheaper alternatives outside the place.

      Where are you from by the way?

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