The 27th Golden Disk Awards Day 1

I attended The 27th Golden Disk Awards last week as a media. πŸ™‚

I arrived around 3.30pm and they were already people lining up! I did the same thing back in KPOP Wave last year actually.

Registered myself as a media and off Β I went and get ready for the group interviews!! :D<

I chose group interviews over red carpet cause I know that with my height, I will be unable to capture or see anything good. πŸ™

However the same thing happened in the group interview as well. Haha. We went up to the photography spot a little too late, and everyone else who were more well prepared snagged all the good places.

I resorted to climbing a table to get good shots of the artists for the first day haha. The few artists that I was really looking forward to was CN Blue, Juniel, BEAST and FT Island! I must admit that I did not follow rookie groups so I was a little uneducated about them.


I thought it was B2B but was corrected haha. Currently they have no plans to release a new album, yet. One of the strongest rookie group I must say.


I love her voice! And she was super cute during the interview! It’s her first time attending The Golden Disk Awards.


They were not given a chance to do interview due to time constraint. They were shocked too! Felt a little sad for them. Outfits were very Chinese New Year and I think the last guy on the right is super cute hahaha.


So many people in one group I was kinda shocked too. All 12 members were present and apparently they have sub groups like EXO-K (Korean) and EXO-M (Mandarin). This is not their first time in Malaysia and they said that they were happy to be able to come to Malaysia again.


OMG. πŸ˜€ Yonghwa was super charismatic and when the interview ended, he’s like ‘Give me one more question? One more?’. I instantly melted haha. Liked this band since their debut song,  외톨이야!

FT Island

The funniest part about this interview is that Hongki said that he is trying his best to lift his chin up because he gained a lot of weight hahaha.


Nicole was doing all the speaking as she was the most fluent in English.


Haha I had to use this picture. Minho is closing his eyes. I could remember them saying that they are looking forward for #GDA although they were quite inactive.


Ohai Yoseob at the end!! πŸ˜€ Oh and I just realized Dong Woon is looking at my camera!! πŸ˜€ After warming up they started becoming more fun to the medias. πŸ˜€


I forgot what happened here but they were actually praising Malaysia’s food, which I found out later it was Nasi Lemak because they were served that. Hehe!

Super Junior

Siwon looks like a pastor and I think I have a knack in capturing closed eyes KPOP stars. I had to post this up again because of Kyuhyun hehehe.


4Minute did not do the group interview (Not sure why) but I think they look absolutely amazing with the long dresses. O.O

As the night falls, I was blown by the stage design and lighting.

The emcees of the night were Yonghwa and Nicole..

And both of them kick started the night with Yonghwa’s rendition of Payphone and Nicole’s sexy dance.

Some highlights of the night for me which was pretty memorable:

1. Juniel performing and strumming her guitar. She performed Illa Illa, Bad Man and My Love. Although I wished she’d perform ‘Stupid 바보’ with Yong Hwa.

2. 4 Minute’s powerful performances with long dresses! Hot Issue performance really blown me away.

Eunhyuk and Donghae from Super Junior’s dance battle.

CN Blue performing their debut song, I’m a Loner. :3

BTOB with WOW and Insane that made me realize, hey they are pretty good!

I was also tweeting like crazy that I felt I was annoying but I could not stop providing the live updates!

And this is the end of Day 1!

I left home feeling very excited due to the performances. Yonghwa and Nicole complement each other very well, and every artistes really gave their full effort in the performance. During KARA’s performance, there were a technical failure whereby the lights went off and the music stopped. Yonghwa stepped up and continue to hyped up the crowd till the problem is fixed.

And there was a little hiccup where we were actually only allowed to be on the media viewing platform for only 15 minutes, then we had to go away which I was flabbergasted. Thank god it was solved and I get to fully enjoy the 4 hours award show.


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