My Election Party To Win A Phone!

So as you all know, I got my 2 week old phone stolen last month. T____________T Was contemplating whether should I get a new phone or not, but I’ve decided to wait till 2013 as I believe this year is not a good year for badluckching.jpg. (Feng Shui much? Haha)

So today I’m on a quest to  win a phone from Nandos! Thank god they are having a photo contest on the new Democracy Platter to give away a Samsung Galaxy Note 2!!

I put on my thinking hair band and started brainstorming for a perfect idea to demonstrate the photo in the best way. The contest requirement was very simple, just snap a photo of you and your buddies enjoying the Democracy Platter. Drafted a game plan, and finally I got the concept! 😀

I call the idea the ‘Hot Peri Peri Election Party’! (Gels with the word democracy righttt? :P)

I designed election badges… moustaches…

…placards.. ribbons… and  stole my colleague’s rubber chicken.

I also have a mini chalkboard where I drew on it. See the red paper? It’s a president’s sash! 😀

These are for the drinks.. So when you drink it..

It’ll be the perfect party drink!

Integrated the colour of the props with the provided compulsory items by Nandos as well.<

When the food came, the decorations starts!

Rachel, my talent for President Hot Peri-Peri! And this is her ‘Proud Platter Party!’ after winning the elections ahaha. We were quite shy actually because Nandos staff and the other patrons were looking at us being crazy. Who brings a rubber chicken for lunch haha. After setting everything up, we finally adjourned for the photo shoot. I love my colleagues for being so supportive. T_________T

I submitted two pictures because I am ‘kiasu’ this way.

‘President Hot Peri-Peri celebrating her win at #NandosMY!’ 

‘Respect must be earned. This is why I won. And today we celebrate with #NandosMY – President Hot Peri Peri’

After 30 minutes, finally we got to eat. Everyone were starving actually, but they waited for the photo shoot to be done. /sheds manly tears

I hereby pronounce: Hot Peri-Peri Election Party accomplished! Hopefully I’ll win the Note 2 muahahaha. And to be honest, it was pretty fun doing things like these hehe.


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