2012 Recap: Here’s to 2013!

2012 is over! That is so, so fast! I think I experienced a lot of different things this year. From the sweet ones to bitter. But I’m glad we survived the Mayan apocalypse as well hehe. Here’s a obligatory 2012 recap before we usher the new year!


Did an art collaboration with fellow comic bloggers! Spot my pokemon! 😛

And I went to FT Island concert!


I rather dehydrate to death.

And I printed name cards!


Had a not so horrifying haircut ahahaha.

And hurt my thigh after not exercising for long after badminton. I think this incident made me realize how much exercise I needed, thus I actually went and sign up for gym 2 months later!


Did Marvels The Avengers Chibi Edition! These comes in printed postcards too! More info here. 🙂

And this happened to me so many times.


I kill plants when I was younger.

And had the privilege to design Audrey and Timothy’s wedding invitation card. :’) This resulted in many incoming jobs on helping couples design their wedding cards. I love doing so much! 😀 Do email me at [email protected] if you’re interested in customized wedding designs!


Stumbled upon these kind of people all the time.


Made Thor memes that went viral! Haha.

And went for my first sponsored trip with Air Asia! 😀 Click here to read all the Chiang Mai posts.


News of robbery and abduction was rampant in August. Did a comic on how to protect ourselves in parking lots.

Ranted about our new coins that were introduced.


I lied a lot.

Went Langkawi for the first time. Could not control myself when I saw the chocolates.


Had my first booth at ChurpOut 2012! And did live caricatures omg! Appeared in The Star and Bernama Radio hehe.

AND I ALSO I WENT TO SEOUL OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Read all the posts here! 😀 But I spoilt my 4 month old HTC One X during the Korea trip. T__________TAnd I also went to Big Bang ALIVE concert FYEAH!!


Got bimbo moments.

And I have the bimbo-est colleague ever.


Got my 2 week old Samsung S3 stolen. T________T So this year, I lost, spoilt and got my phone stolen. badluck.ching.

And we survived the Mayan Apocalypse!!

This year I started a Facebook page, joined Instagram, started doing tablet drawings like these, made wallpapers like Rise of the Guardians, and began actively doing freelance designs. Managed to travel a fair bit as well! Although there were unfortunate events, but I think I have to give and take.

So how was your 2012? Share with me! 🙂 Are you looking forward for 2013 like I do?

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