Shopping in Dong Dae Mun…

… is like as if I’m destined to be there. I’ve heard a lot about Dong Dae Mun being a shopping haven! My tiny shopaholic genes began to twitch the moment I reached Dong Dae Mun. 😀

There’s plenty of beauty brands around as well such as Nature Republic, Tony Moly, Face Shop and others. Bought stuff from Nature Republic and they gave me free masks hehe!

Street food are abundance as well. Spotted this, I think it’s the most sinful food everrrrrr! French fries  fried together with something?

Few available malls open till 4am awwyeahhhhh! And the best thing is, around 12am+ there’s still many people walking around, browsing and shopping. KPOP songs are blasting everywhere as well. So happening!

I went crazy…

Plenty of malls, plenty of floors for you to just buy. I spent around 42,000 (Around RM120) won on my first night there. And got so many things! And I actually went again on the fourth night haha.

Dong Dae Mun is accessible via subway and taxis, and if you’re taking taxi, please remember to ask for meter. My friend got conned 20,000 won for a trip back to our hotel when the real fee is only 8,000 won. D:


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