I Might Have Loved Another Camera Now

Often, we are boggled with one ultimate problem:

We have too many brands to choose from, especially when it comes to electronics.  I think one of the
best place to go to when you have no idea what brand to pick is SenQ. 😀

If I go window shopping for clothes, this is where my dad goes for his type of window shopping hahaha. I had a chance to test out some cameras there last week! 😀

So spoilt for choice. Which camera should I test? There’s Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Nikon.. Which camera should I play till it spoilt? (Oops).

After much deliberation, Mr Manager recommended the new Sony Nex F3K. It weighs roughly like my Pen Pen, and feels solid at the hand.

The first thing I noticed about this camera is the ability to be able to camwhore hahaha! I’m pretty sure girls around the world would love the 180* tiltable LCD screen feature. No second takes needed when you’re taking your own pictures. 😀


I was quite happy that Amin, a representative from Sony and SenQ took his time to explain to me on the features and how to fully utilise the camera. One plus point about SenQ is that they will answer your every question like my previous experience.

I think I scared him hahaha.

Here are some test shot from the Sony NexF3K. I should have run away with the camera when they allowed me to go outside and take some test shots.


To me, one of the best feature is the 2x built in zoom in the camera. This means, if I want to capture GDragon in the upcoming Big Bang concert, but my zoom from the lens can only go so far. Thus, I can then activate the built in zoom to zoom in 2 times more. Stalking here I come ahoho.

Another feature of the Sony Nex F3K is the integrated flash where it works like the external flash you plug into your DSLR. With this flash, you can align where the flash shoots. :’) Hello amazing photos.

Oh oh! I’ve also learnt something I would love to share!!!

I have no idea of all these were at all before this! The biggest sensor is used in DSLR, which is why you get good quality, non-grainy and less noise images, where else phone cameras uses the smallest sensor which is the DSC. So the bigger the sensor in your camera, the better quality images you produce. 😀

What makes Sony Nex F3K really quick, responsive and sharp is that it uses CMOS sensor which is almost as big as the DSLR.

Chee Ching is smart finally!

Now SenQ is having their Digital Imaging Promotion from 1st Oct to 31st December 2012. So if you’re interested in this camera, try getting it SenQ! You’ll get extended 4 years warranty on top of the 1 year with purchase of any Interchangeable Camera. Means a total of 5 years! But don’t purposely hurt your camera okay. 😛

Other benefits include:
i. Discount vouchers up to RM300 (selected models)
ii. Special Premium Gifts

iii.  0% installment payment plan up to 36 months (selected banks)

Sorry Pen Pen, I still love you. Cause I cannot afford another camera right now. :3

P/S: Win some iPod Touch from Senheng here.


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