I Got Lost in Seoul!

On the first night after dinner, we went to Garosu-gil to have some Pat Bing Su (Red bean ice)! The moment I got down the bus, I got separated from the group because I stopped to take picture of TBWASEOUL signboard. -______-

With Pat Bing Su in my mind, I walked around the street asking people.

I was so fortunate to meet my saviour!! She did not give up on me at all, brought me to places with the only hint which is Pat Bing Su. T_________T She even searched the net for me. But thank God, I remember our tag which contained Emergency Numbers.

She called Ms Su for me and finally I reunited with the group! T________T

Danny (Our Malaysian Nanny) never let me off his sight after that haha.<

Oh; I’ve finally finished drawing everyone involved in this trip!

Click here for its full glory! And do stay tune for Day 2 hehe.


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