Asian On Air: Seoul Trip Day 4

On the last day of the program, we had the privilege to visit Korean Air headquarters near Gimpo.

Everything is in this building.

I wonder where will I be, or what will I be 7 years from now.

The managing director of Korean Air gave us a welcome speech at one of their conference room. Then it was time to tour around Korean Air! 😀

But first a picture with the iconic bears first!

First stop: Korean Air Operation Control Center

Here is where all routes are monitored and controlled by the employees. Managed to view their live update map routes where it includes almost all the countries around the world. I could not find Malaysia though dang it.

Second stop: THE HANGAR!!!

It boasts a 180 x 90 x 25 airport hangar where it is used for repairing and maintenance work. The instructor said that at other hangars it has a telescopic platform for 3 dimensional viewing where mechanics can fly here and there doing repair work. Fuh!

We also had the opportunity to go out outside, and planes just parked there, for us to take all the pictures that we want. We don’t really get these kinda chances so I was really grateful for this part of the tour. 😀

South East Asia represent!


Third stop: Flight Simulator Rooms!

This is the ACTUAL 474 simulator built from actual aircraft part for training purposes.

It’s really not simple at all. D:

And this the actual control panel in planes where pilots need to know every part of the system. The instructor in pink has been working as a pilot for almost 10 years already fuh. Apparently, captain and vice captain cannot eat the same thing during flight to prevent food poisoning purposes. And accident often occur during takeoff and landing. So it’s safer to be on air actually!

Fourth stop: Lunch at the cafeteria!

Everyone in Korean Air gets lunch everyday. T_T They can choose between 3 dishes, and all we have to do is just line up accordingly to the dish.

Here we are, lining up for kimchi fried rice!

Behold! Loved the pickled radish om nom!

Fifth stop: Korean Air Training Centre

Where all Korean Air Cabin Crew, or they call as ‘Sky Team’ goes for training!

The centre boasts many different facilities for hopefuls to join the Sky Team. The instructor told us that 50% of the students may leave the centre, crying. Gasp.

When I saw this huge slide, I was so excited I cannot stop smiling.<

But I didn’t get to play the slide cause I was wearing a dress. T___________________________T WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Oh how I missed you, autumn leaves. /poet

Sixth stop: KPOP Dance Contest (HAHAOMG)

We called our group BEST B (OMGHAHAHA). Did this sketch as an intro to our dance.

*Photos stolen from Evie. :3

Although I wasn’t looking forward for this, but it was actually quite fun. Our team won muahaha (partly because Edwin (the blond guy) in our group was amazing! And this mini contest actually made everyone closer, which is a good thing.

Seventh stop: Bulgogi Dinner! 😀

Went to the nearby restaurant to have our last dinner in Seoul. :'(

Traditional style tables yo! 😀

We had beef, loads and loads of beef and soju, like how to Koreans do it.

Celebrated our Ms Su, our tour guide’s birthday. We made her cry hehehe.

And I won best blog post yayyy! With Ms Mi Hyun and Danny from Korean Air.

Everyone didn’t want the night to end, neither do I. :'(

Seriously I enjoyed myself so much in this trip that I’m actually smiling now. Made many friends from different countries, learnt and explored, spoke and heard, and the best thing is, this trip made me wanting to try on something that I’ve given up after failing last year. I’m actually taking Korean lessons now to help me achieve that something. 😀

Thank you Korean Air, BuzzKorea and Korean Tourism Organization for this amazing trip! I hope to see you guys again ya! 😀 I’m sooo gonna return to Seoul! If you wish to read my other posts on Korea, click here!



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