Asian On Air: Seoul Trip Day 2

We stayed at La Casa Hotel in Sinsa-Dong, which is just 10 minutes walk from Sinsa Line Subway that leads to everywhere else that you can imagine. Most Seoul hotels have great service and affordable price.

Super comfortable room and they gave us one room each. πŸ˜€ I was a little afraid staying alone but got used to it after the second day.

After a super awesome breakfast, we boarded the bus and departed to Yangpyeong for rail biking!

It was really a beautiful place! πŸ˜€ Excuse me while I marvel at the sceneries first.

These are the bikes that we cycle on real train tracks awwyeah!

4 people control a bike, and you get the cycle through the beautiful scenery of Yangpyeong. :’) It uses the abandoned railway track that runs from Yongmun to Wondeok and is 3.2 kilometers long.

I truly enjoyed myself looking at the surroundings. πŸ˜€

Throughout the journey, we had a mini game. We had to spot 10 different placards which consist of Korean words that we had to memorise and identify at the checkpoint.

We cheated (heh) and took pictures of each placards, thinking we can refer for the mini game. Hah!

We lost lol.

We then spun around and headed back!

Lunch was nearby where we had Sundubu Jjiagae! (SOFT TOFU STEW MY FAVVV). Firm tofu is called dubu!

I love the seaweed so much that I went and refill myself wtf.

After lunch and short photo taking session..

.. We then became farmers at Greentopia! πŸ˜€

Got to pick sweet potatoes straight from the ground, and the owner of Greentopia helped us steamed it as snacks. Oh heavenly sweet potatoes.

Plucked super awesome and sweet Korean Pears from the trees. On the right is where I compare it with my lens cap. Look at the size difference! πŸ˜€

All those flowers were edible, and when paired when the special dough, it gives of a sticky texture, but super nice as it’s a little crunchy at the same time.

Then, we made pear jam from scratch! πŸ˜€ No preservatives no nothing. And yummy at the same time. Probably that’s why a small bottle can go up to 5000 won (RM15).Β Camera went flat at this point, the pictures above are stolen from Nat, Liz and Cat. :3

At night, we went to learn about Makgeolli at Sool Pub!<

I can’t drink actually.

Makgeolli is a traditional Korean alcohol produced by mixing steamed rice, barley or wheat with yeast and water, hence the whitish, milky colour. I think some of the most famous alcoholic drinks in Korea are Makgeolli and Soju.

The food was good (I loved the sweet and sour chicken noms!) laughter were around, and there’s alcohol. Probably the best night hehe.Β Big M also got drunk cause Mr Pil (Our tour guide) kept pouring him Makgeolli!

Adjourned back to hotel after dinner, but the night didn’t stop for me. I WENT DONGDAEMUN FOR SHOPPING MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Stay tune for the next post ya! πŸ˜€


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