I Lied A Lot.

I lied. My layout is not in work in progress. I did not even start. T______________T Hence I came up with this temporary layout until I have time to work on a better one! πŸ˜€

And in conjunction with this theme, here are some of the lies that I did when I was younger. Ngeahaha.

Daily Vitamins by Mom

Before Exam

When Someone Wanna Borrow my Phone

Sleeping in Class

Skipping School

Okay, I think I do lie a lot. Any lies that you always commit back when you are younger? πŸ˜€ Share them with me! πŸ˜€ Maybe I can turn it into a comic strip too!
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Here we are playing with the photo app. πŸ˜€ Can you spot me?


  • fresh says:

    erm. the first lie i remember telling was when i was about…. 3/4? it was quite epicly stupid.

    my mom always told me to stay away from my dad's motorbike exhaust pipe, for obvious reasons, but one day i accidentally terkena the paip while i excitedly welcomed my dad home.

    then in my little brain my first thought was "shit" followed by "mommy's gonna kill me" and i had a surprisingly high pain tolerance so i didn't cry/scream.

    so i just left my exhaust pipe wound there, until the next day when my mom found out and asked, "wtf happened to you?!" and i just shrugged and said, "i dunno!" with an expression i thought was pure innocence. YA SURE PEOPLE JUST GET RANDOM ROTTING FLESH WOUNDS FOR NO REASON

    so yes. that was the story of the first lie i ever remember telling x___x

  • Tony Teh says:

    A guy version of I lied would be very controversial hahaha. Cold Light of Day movie review

  • ms.bulat says:

    LOLOL i DO lie but i can't remember when i lie πŸ˜› dangerous*

  • i have one epic one..

    I was running hurriedly to get a copy of newly released comic. My mom never ever lets me buy any comics during that time so all the time I had to buy without her permission. So i rushed to the street without looking properly so my head got hit by a car's side mirror. I was bleeding. My head was gushing with blood as though I just took a deep dive into the sea of blood and just came back up. Blood covers my face and shirt. One of the rarest moment where I thought I'm gonna die. So the driver sent me home and then obviously everyone got shocked. On the way to the clinic with blood gushing out, my mom asked me where did it happened and why did i cross the road. Since crossing the road, one leads to the padang and one leads to the comic store, I lied that I was crossing towards the padang. Yes, I was thinking my life ended there and I decided to lie in fear of my mom would kill me over a comic book. (that's how scary my mom is to me). After the stitches, we went to the police station, I gave the same lie. The police got confuse coz my report contradicts the driver's. And kept asking if I am sure. LOL.. epic enough? wanted to blog about it but dowan my mom to get mad of it till now. That was when I am 12.

    Now tell me I have the most epic story of all!

  • aswadz says:

    your lie is quite the same as mine. hehehe…

  • Jan says:

    lololol… the vitamins.. really?? how old were u then?

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