What I Think We Should Do In Parking Lots

Recently, so many cases of people being attacked at parking lots. I myself have became so aware that I am so afraid whenever I’m in parking lots. Thus, I’ve formulated a few strategies on how to be safe  alighting our cars!
You gotta look fierce, and not weak.


Always look left and right, and make sure nobody suspicious is following or hiding somewhere. If you can’t see anyone, just show that you have scanned the whole location, fiercely. Hehehe.


Then, just run for your life! Or the better way to say is not to walk like you’re a princess and taking your own sweet time to the car.

As soon as you reached your car, jump inside!

And quickly lock your door no matter what!

Today I ran right to my friend’s car after alighting from the lift. I am that paranoid. 🙁 So everyone please be alert and do not fall to those evil people! Do you have any more ideas on how to take care of yourself? Comment below. 😀


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