Air Asia Chiang Mai Adventures Part Two: Awesome Thai Food and Pig Brains

After we got our internet fixed, it is time for lunch!!

We also stopped hoarding Jason and went on with our very own Internet hehehe. Mr Chenn, our tour guide brought us to a nearby local restaurant which serve authentic Northern Thai food (Don’t go to tourist orientated restaurants in Chiang Mai, don’t!) called Huen Penh in 112 Ratchamanka Road.

Huen Penh!

Picture stolen from Anna. 😛

What greeted us was a wide array of pork and chicken related dishes that you could ever imagine.

The moment I stepped into this shop I knew that my diet is over.

Lucky I’m not a pork person!!!

But I ate this!

And this!!

And this ruined my #dietplan. I think it could be the best sausage I’ve ever eaten. D: But one of the most amazing thing that happened in this lunch is that the existence of pig brain dish which was hidden from us by Mr Chenn.

Kenny ate half of the pig brain without knowing what is it! And he turned into a zombie.


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