Plan B Publika, I am Disappointed

So I heard a lot about Plan B and Bens and what nots. So I was adamant to go try it out! Had a funny experience involving the restaurant’s name as well.

Lovely decorations.

It was packed! Had to wait around 30 minutes just for a table. So I was thinking, should be not bad this place!

I love the decorations here though. I think it was done meticulously. Was quite impressed so far despite the waiting time.

However, it sort of went down the moment we were attended to after 10 minutes. The waiter was quite rude, and when I reminded him on some request that I made, he shrugged and said ‘YALA YALA’.

It took a long time for the waiters to bring us our water. And the worse part is, they just dump cups on our table and left, without water. What’s the point of bringing the cups then?

Then the drinks came. My friend was so disappointed with his root beer. It was 60% foam, 40% root beer, which I don’t think it does the RM10 price justified. I know that it’s a so called upper class restaurant but this?

Lucky we were a big group, hence we are able to pass time by talking and laughing, as the orders came really late. There were a lot of people, which explains the delay, but I think you should hire more people if you want to cater to whatever you are catering?

Seafood marinara. The fish smell was overpowering, which is sort of a let down.

Carbonara. No complains. Decent.

Char grilled cheeseburger.

Oh love the buns! Wholemeal buns ftw. The patty was quite thick, and grilled fresh. Not bad at all. But everyone didn’t like the onion rings. I asked for my onion rings to be swapped with a salad, reminded the waiter, but it still came with onion rings. Le sigh.

The Loaded Club sandwich.

One thing that I must commend, it’s kinda huge, and the salad is good. Homemade chips were on the healthy side. I tried a small bite, it was quite nice with the avocado spread.

But the long wait is really a let down, plus all the little disappointments in between, I don’t think I will go to Plan B again unless it is a must. But I wanna try Ben’s, another restaurant by The Big Group.

Or maybe I will go again for the soft shell crab pasta which my colleague loves so much.


  • suikaxusagi8 says:

    bloody rude waiters, I hate that!!
    I hate slow service as well.

    If you want your restaurant to be hit, train your waiters and waitresses properly and not behave very rude to the customers.
    Seriously, I'll must say… STUPID FOR RUDE WAITERS AND WAITRESSES!!


    and slow service? seriously?!! even not so high class restaurant have fast service, INI SANGAT MEMALUKAN!!

    grrr, mad mad mad.

    sorry for the tantrums, Chee.

  • Sherrie Pui says:

    Bens is actually nicer? lol. Been to Bens but not Plan B.

  • maybe next time u can try Plan B. in Bangsar Village. service a bit better there i think…n if still x okay, Ben's is just 2 minutes away walking.hehe..

    d only reason i go to Plan B. is for their Caesar Salad. makan then balik. :p

  • Adi Solikin says:

    I think thats y its called Plan B, like:
    Plan A: makan kat tempat yang paling best. If plan A not executable then move to plan b: which is to makan at whichever place available @ tempat tak best

  • Natasha Ting says:

    I have been wanting to try the restaurants in The Big Group for long…but it didn't happen. Will definitely blog about it when i do!

  • cheechingy says:

    Right! So mad!

    Haven't try Ben's yet. Gonna do so!

    Oh! I heard a friend say Plan B in Bangsar is better too. 😀

    Haha correct! Wrong name perhaps?

    Oh please do! 🙂

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