Life Changing Food in Serendah

So last month, my colleagues and I went to Chiling Waterfall (Story that next time okay) and we went to this amazing open air restaurant in Serendah, near this abandoned post office and the Serendah poliec station.

We ordered around 5 dishes for the 5 of us, and it was SO GOOD.

Seafood tomyam. SO MUCH SEAFOOD. But I don’t really like the tomyam taste, too sour for me.

Serendah special Fried Chicken! Crispy.. with a little tinge of spiciness. I sort of forgotten the taste as I only had one piece.

But my colleague, Catherine, was basically in love with the tiny parts of this chicken.

OH MY FAV. THE TOFU. Soft soft and fluffy, like clouds in the sky.

Normal vegetable, but it was really fresh though. Is it because it’s freshly picked?

And then it came, the life changing black pepper fish that changed the course of life..


So we had so much food, plus some drinks, it only cost us less than RM70. Such a good bargain for such life changing food right!

Turn in here to locate the shop. HAHA. I slept all the way here, but it’s near the police station, you won’t want to miss this place yo!

Oh how I miss you life changing fish.


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