Nando’s #Cluckers Day Out!

A few weeks ago, it was Nando’s #Cluckers Day Out! and Nando’s brought us all the way to iCity to play laser tag and it was so fun! I was not afraid to die so I just run everywhere and shoot, unlike paintball.

How laser tag works is that you earn points on every target that you shoot, and if you get shoot, you get deactivated for 4 seconds, and that’s the time you run for your life!

We were then brought to Nando’s STCC where all of us were spoiled with almost everything from the menu. I didn’t get the chance to roast my own chicken though. πŸ™

Was very happy as I met many new people, and boy, there were many influential people present as well. Everyone was friendly, and I warmed up instantly. Was glad that Fiona was there so I didn’t feel that awkward.

However, one of the most amazing thing that happened is that I almost flew out from the bus. I was walking towards the front of the bus, where it suddenly went downhill; and boy was it an experience. Evelyn (Missyblurkit) said I was the #Cluckers stuntwoman of the day! πŸ˜€

It was a very fun event as we get to travel to places and do activities! So I think it’s a really nice touch by Nando’s rather than staying at one place.

And I would really love to play laser tag again! Anyone? πŸ˜€


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