Twestival KL

Branding and event collaterals.

TwestivalKL is a pro bono social media initiative where we gather people from Twitter for a day of charity. I volunteered to take care of the all the design and social media activities of this event and this was one of the most fulfilling projects that I’ve done.

Client: Twestival
Services: Branding, Art Direction


We only have one universal logo for this final Twestival event.

Twestival is a charity event that have been held since 2010 that gather Twitterers on a one day charity event. With one logo to unite this final Twestival, I got to create a Kuala Lumpur identity for this iconic event.

The Crowd
Tshirt for Sale
Raffle Tickets


Because it was the last Twestival, I want to show what have Twestival KL achieved, hence the idea of a timeline since 2009.

The event was a great success, we had great performances, live drawing, live auctions, and we managed to pull together almost RM34,000 for the charity body.