Many years ago, I scribbled my home’s wall with crayons and the rest was history…

Design has always been part of my life since I was young, and after graduating with an advertising and marketing degree, I ventured into the advertising industry. Today, I am constantly looking for new opportunities and freelance projects to ensure that I still get to blog and travel to experience new adventures.

 I AM…

I have a burning desire to create great work, and exploring new countries.

Team Leader

With strong leadership skills, I want to guide more aspiring designers to do great work.

Problem Solver

I believe that ideas, concepts and data that solves problems are equally as important as visually appealing design.


Sometimes, I can be a little competitive, both in work and personal life. Definitely a good thing when it comes to projects.


You can be sure of prompt response, deadlines met, and good work.


“Chee Ching brought a unique sense of creativity and fun to the class. She is extremely dedicated and professional in her approach, and consistently achieved high results.“

“At a time when new media was relatively untested in business circles, Chee Ching brought about a breathe of fresh air and helped many of us understand how the world of social media can be used effectively especially in marketing and customer service.“

“Chee Ching has a high level of patience to deliver our materials. She always give her opinions and explanations on top of great design“