KL vs IPOH Drivers

This post is inspired by my dad who came to KL last Saturday. Lol.


My dad was stuck in a jam from Sunway Giza to the The Curve and he complained non stop. Haha. Life in Ipoh is much slower and getting to a destination within 30 minutes is actually very long for us. I’m still depending on public transport now, but hopefully one day I’ll have the money to actually own a car.


  • MichLeong says:

    Haha! True that living outside a city like KL or Penang (since I've heard that it's becoming more like KL as time goes by), is much slower. But for me, if I were asked to stay anywhere other than PJ area, I have a feeling that I would suffer from the lack of entertainment. lol!

  • aswadz says:

    i also will rage whenever i have to go outstation in KL. if possible, i will go with my colleague so that he could drive instead of me. hahaha…

  • missyblurkit says:

    like my parents…the jam in kl versus our hometown was totally different for them.

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